Poker Run 2017 RESULTS

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the participants, our sponsors and many dedicated volunteers who were involved with the third annual Ride the North Poker Run.  This year’s sponsors included: Kelly’s Family Diner, McDougall Fuels, the Windy Lake Motel and Restaurant and Kicx 91.7.  Without them, this event truly would not be possible.  Thank you for your commitment to organized snowmobiling!  Your many contributions will be felt both on the trail and throughout the community.  

The Poker Run has quickly become one of the most treasured events on our calendar. It provides an incredible opportunity for us to interact with snowmobilers and promote the virtues of volunteerism within our favorite winter pastime.  We have been fortunate over the previous two years to experience the perfect weather and excellent trail conditions that our late-February date typically brings.  Unfortunately, this year, winter threw us an unexpected curveball with warm temperatures, thunderstorms and heavy rains in the days leading up to the event.  We made every attempt to hold the ride as scheduled, but ultimately made the decision to call it off in the interest of safety.   While some more experienced riders could have certainly made the trip, conditions were far from ideal.  We felt that, given the varied nature of our participants, we could not risk the safety of younger and less experienced riders.  

Volunteers from both clubs spent considerable time Saturday at the Place Bonaventure Mall & Windy Lake Motel and Restaurant drawing cards and tallying the sheets.  We are proud to report that every single ticket was accounted for and was entered into the contest.

Congratulations to this year’s grand prize winner, Steve Holmik, who won with an incredible FULL HOUSE (3 – Aces and 2 – Sevens).

We thank you for your support and look forward to riding with you in 2018!

The winner of our 50-50 Draw is Mike Binette and took home $127 cash and our proceeds went to KICX for Kids!

Here is the First Place Winner of $1000

Steve Holmik

Here is the Second place winner of Stay and Play Gift card valued at $250 from Windy Lake Motel and Restaurant

Guy Rocheleau

Here is the Third place winner of $150 cash from Kelly’s Family Diner in Cartier

Mike LeBlanc

Here is the Fourth place winner of a Case of 2 stroke motor oil from McDougall Energy

Luc Blanchette

Here is the Fifth place winner of a school bag

Ken Evans

Here is the Sixth place winner of a Flashlight and Ball cap from Maslack Chelmsford

Ken McKee